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Here are the profiles of some of the women from our very first sewing training program in Sierra Leone. These women have been diligently working at growing their businesses and we are extremely proud of each one of them. You will get to know a little about them by reading their individual profiles, and if they touch your heart, please consider donating to help them continue to expand their sewing trade and make some of their dreams come true.

N’Mamah is our pride and joy…she began with just one sewing machine and has increased her business to include training others. She has been involved in many of our programs as a supervisor. N’Mamah has modeled her production after our programs and is now teaching 8 students, including feeding them lunch. She says that because we did this she realizes the value of how the students are able to learn more when they have a full tummy. She has 8 machines, which she has purchased with profits from her business of sewing custom orders for women and men all over the country. She is an entrepreneur at heart and wants to expand her business and set up a sewing training center. In order to do this, she will need to add a room onto her small home, which right now is crowded with fabrics, machines and projects.

Abibatu was one of our top students and has been a supervisor for us when we have taught beginner courses, plus she has the contract for all of the uniforms for a local school. She has a second sewing machine and has trained someone to help her because the contract has grown and she is unable to produce them all herself. She has many ideas and continues to amaze us with all that she does! Abibatu has just purchased an embroidery machine to increase her custom order business and hopes to be able to pay off the machine by the end of next year. She is also in need of a serger for the uniforms as the fabric that the school colors comes in is soft and flimsy, and tends to shred at the seams. A serger would assist her in being able to serge the seams and reduce the amount of repairs she undertakes.

Fatima is the Mommy Queen in Lungi, which means that she is the person who people come to when they have disputes. She is the first one to help them work out their problems before going to the courts. She has her own shop and cooks special items to sell. She is driven and always has new ideas to present to me. We have put her on micro-credit to purchase fabric from Freetown to sell in her local community, and she paid back her loan in full before I even asked for it. She is using her sewing skills to sew for her family, and to fix things for others. She now has an idea that she would like to purchase “a junk” which is a bail of used clothing that she could repair and then sell in her community.

Isatu has her own shop sewing clothing for men, women and children. Her shop is located at the local market and she is able to take custom orders for those out shopping for the day. Isatu is a diligent worker and loves to create unique garments. She is working hard to keep up with the orders that she receives. Isatu would like to increase her business by purchasing another machine and training someone to help her produce the custom tailored items.

Baby Musa continued her education after we left and did a 2 year program where she learned many skills from sewing to guara dying to soapmaking. She has helped us on numerous occasions by cooking lunches for beginner programs we have had in Lungi. She sews for herself and her children.

Baby Musa would love to continue sewing, but she currently has no income to purchase fabric for projects.

Fatu2 and Adama make bedspreads, pillowcases, tablecloths and napkins with the fabric they tie dye themselves. It is quite a process and involves much detail to hand sew the designs onto the fabric before dying it.

Fatu and Adama enjoy working together and would love to increase their business.

Rugiatu is a hairdresser and she uses her sewing skills to make wigs. It is always so amazing to see the uniqueness of each woman as she pursues various endeavors of interest and Rugiatu is a great example of possessing various talents. She also makes her own children’s clothing and uniforms for school.

Rugiatu would like to expand her business and needs supplies for her hairdressing venture.

Fatu1 sews from her home and makes women’s and children’s clothing that she sells in Lungi. She has a dream to be able to open her own shop at the market because her home is not easily accessible. She believes her business would increase if she could set up at the local market. Fatu is a wonderful, bubbly, and boisterous woman with many ideas.

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